Not ALL About Me

Hey, and welcome.

My name is Roy Reed. I’m a teacher in Ontario, Canada. I am also a writer (as yet, unpublished), and artist (trained, but not practicing).

I am interested in many things: the arts, television, speculative fiction, children’s books, biology, pedagogy, puppetry, linguistics, and intelligence, to name a few.

My intention is to write about my interests, but I don’t want to simply fill up storage and bandwidth with some megalomaniacal exercise in egophilia. I want to share the thinking of others, and tell how their thoughts have affected mine. Of course, I have original thoughts too, and I will share those and ask the world at large to consider them and the changes they might foster.

I will touch on my ever changing beliefs about education, especially the areas of literacy, numeracy, student success, and methods of instruction. I will post about research and books I’m reading. I will share my ideas and the resources I develop.

I will also write about writing, from the perspective of an author, and a reader. I have some strong opinions about writing, and about the current trends in the different children’s markets in particular. I will share the books I love. I will not share the ones I don’t. I will share my own writing experiences.

Most importantly, I will ask questions. Then, I will ask more questions.

And I will make up words. Like egophilia.

And I’m also a smart ass.

I hope that all of you who discovered, heard about, and sought out this blog find it interesting enough to return.



Any thoughts?

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