Adventures in Self Publishing

sourceFor the past few years, let’s say 20, I’ve been slowly but surely working on many manuscripts and projects that I hoped would see the light of day. Several picture books, a few novels, and a movie starring puppets are all still very much in the dark, though a couple of things have been catching rays lately.

Rejections and interruptions lead me to set aside my goals many times, but I kept returning to them. I’m stubborn or stupid like that. Then my sister Tara, who was going through the same creative tumults, decided to self-publish Love Him Not: A Dating Adventure with 60 Mostly Unhappy Endings and helping her set me on the path of an independent author.

On this page, I will compile all the blog posts I write about my experiences and the learning I’ve done on the way to publishing my book Dot to Dot to Dot: 88 Advanced Dot to Dot Puzzles with Extra Dots.

I hope you find this information useful.

Judged by My Book Cover

I write about the evolution of my Dot to Dot book’s cover design and what I learned along the way.

Hey, Look at Me! Getting My Book in Stores

Here’s what I’m doing to get bookstores to consider my book.

D’Oh: Confused about the Wholesale V. Retail Discounts with Ingram

I got the wrong end of the stick when it came to Wholesale v. Retail discounts for bookstores.

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