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How to do Single Stroke Printing

printingHere are two videos I have made that teach how and why to do single stroke printing. Single stroke printing has several advantages over other methods, such as stick and ball.

  • Single Stroke allows for more consistent letter formations, because most letters are structured around some basic, well practiced strokes.
  • The repeated directionality of each basic stroke helps to eliminate reversals of letters, such as b and d.
  • Single stroke printing naturally evolves into handwriting, or at least a hybrid of handwriting and printing.

Here are the links.          Part 1        Part 2

Or you can watch them below.

Please feel free to share the videos with the educators and parents you know who are concerned about good penmanship.


Dot to Dot Valentine Math

Dottoo Dot Valentine thumb1 2016Here is a sample from my latest dot to dot book, Dottoo Dots Valentine Edition. This collection has 16 different designs, most with two levels of difficulty. They range from counting by 1s all the way to counting by 10s, and they have various start points to increase the challenge.

If you’re looking for a fun way to teach number sense, skip counting and patterning, and pre-algebraic thinking, or if you simply want something fun to do with your class on Valentine’s Day, have a look.

Click this link to go to TeachersPayTeachers.Com to check it out. When you’re there, click the free preview button to get a sample puzzle and the full Teacher Resource that explains how to incorporate dot to dot puzzles into your math instruction and assessment.

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